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Sip the World, From Local Brews to Global Cheers: Rivercity’s Stellar Beers & Ciders

There’s something profoundly unifying about the clink of beer glasses, the gentle fizz of a freshly opened bottle, and that first crisp sip that instantly evokes memories and feelings. At Rivercity Wholesale Liquor Merchants, we’ve transformed this universal experience into a curated journey. Our beer and cider range is a harmonious blend of the familiar and the exotic, the local and the global, each with its own story to tell.

Local Legends – Queensland & Australian Favourites: We wear our local pride on our sleeves and our taps. Our selection proudly boasts of Queensland’s rich brewing heritage, encapsulating the essence of sun-kissed coasts, balmy breezes, and that indomitable Aussie spirit. Dive into beloved classics like XXXX Gold, Tooheys, and VB. Each bottle and can capture the spirit of the land Down Under, with distinct flavours that have charmed generations.

The Global Ensemble: While our heart lies in local flavours, our palette is undeniably international. For those with a taste for the foreign, we stock icons that have become household names worldwide including Peroni, Corona, Asahi, Menebrea, Moretti, Sapporo and much much more

Ciders – Orchard’s Poetry in a Glass: Ciders bring with them a fruity freshness that is both invigorating and comforting. Whether it’s the apple orchards of Tasmania or the pear groves of South Australia, our cider collection is a celebration of nature’s bounty, effervescent and aromatic.

More than just being a wholesaler, we see ourselves as curators. With every brand we stock, we aim to offer a taste adventure, an exploration of flavours both old and new.

And just like our spirits, our commitment to you remains steadfast. Our shelves are always brimming, waiting to cater to your venue’s demands. From the Gold Coast’s sandy shores to Brisbane’s bustling cityscapes, we promise swift deliveries, 5 days a week.

At Rivercity Wholesale Liquor Merchants, it’s not just about the drink. It’s about the memories it creates, the stories it tells, and the world it brings to your doorstep. Here’s to celebrating diversity, one bottle at a time.

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